Due to the extremely high demand, orders placed for the BLACK EANx might be subject to a delivery time as long as several months. Please read our note about the availability of the BLACK EANx by clicking here.
The BLACK EANx is an advanced nitrox dive computer that sets completely new standards in recreational diving.
With an extremely readable screen, perfect compass, capacious logbook and the ability to use up to three breathing gases mixtures, it is packed full of useful features whether you’re an OWD or an Advanced Nitrox diver.
The BLACK EANx is based on the well proven Buhlmann ZHL-16c+GF decompression algorithm.
3 mixes, up to
100% O2
You can use one, two or three different breathing gas mixtures, up to 100% O2 each.
Thanks to its highly customizable features, your BLACK EANx will work exactly the way you want it to.
Full color
OLED display
Great contrast and perfectly legible. No matter what depth.
Unlike other types of displays used in diving computers, every pixel in the OLED display is a microscopic light emitting diode. This means the OLED display provides outstanding contrast and perfect legibility, even in complete darkness and at great depths.
A computer that grows with your needs!
The BLACK EANx gives you everything that you would expect from a diving computer from OWD up to Advanced Nitrox level. And... much more.
But what if you decide to be a trimix diver? It’s simple! When the time comes simply upgrade it to the BLACK TMX version in minutes.
Unique functionality and unmatched ease of use
VSI.Buoyancy under total control
The unique Vertical Speed Indicator visualizes clearly the speed when ascending and descending, allowing you to control your buoyancy in a very precise way.
When diving in water column without any reference points, you will be immediately notified by VSI whenever you start to descend or ascend, which will make it easier for you to maintain the planned depth.
But that’s not all! You can set various ascent speeds for various depth ranges – for example slowing down your ascent rate as you get shallower and shallower, thereby decreasing the DCS risk.
All necessary information. Without information noise.
If too much information is provided at once, information overload can lead to a mistake. And in diving every mistake can be dangerous. When designing the BLACK TMX we focused on displaying information in a logical and clear way.
With the BLACK EANx, dive information is carefully spread over a number of different screens that you can easily switch between with one button press. If you decide you don’t need any of the screens, you can switch them off at any time in the menu.
Precise and advanced.
The BLACK EANx also includes an advanced, three-axis compass, as precise as classic magnetic compasses.

However, the BLACK EANx can do much more than any other compass!

First of all, you can keep your set course really easily, because the compass will notify you every time you sidetrack. Secondly, with advanced navigation functions such as the ‘return’ function or waypoint navigation, you will always get to your desired destination…. and back again!
that you will never miss.
The BLACK EANx is equipped with five different alarms, which you can set at any time, even during diving.

When you exceed the set alarm value, the BLACK EANx will notify you about it, first by flashing a bright red, and then displaying the alarm on the main screen.

And if you want, you can mute the displayed alarm at any time so as not to cause a distraction.
Dive Time
depth alarm
depth alarm
which stores all information.
Thanks to its powerful processor and large memory, the BLACK EANx is equipped with a very detailed logbook. Not only can it log depth with a 1 s frequency, but also store many hours of diving.
This is not the end though! The BLACK EANx records all the most important events: exceeded ascent rates, temperature diagram and a lot of other useful information. You can browse through all of this with just a few clicks.
Extremely durable outside
and advanced technology inside.
Despite using a battery with a large capacity and a legible OLED display, the BLACK EANx remains outstandingly compact.
In addition it resists depths up to 200 m!

All due to its extremely durable, CNC machined housing made of single polyacetal (POM) block.
The BLACK EANx is incredibly tough. Every piece is tested during the production process under the pressure corresponding to depths of 200m.
32-bit Cortex M3 processor
Huge computational power for
advanced functions.
Precise digital compass
Navigation is simple as never before.
8 MB flash memory
More space for logbook
and other data..
PC glass with Saphir® AR coating
20x higher resistance
to abbrasion.
1190 mAh Samsung battery
Larger durability and
more dives without charging.
Swiss-made 35 bar pressure sensor
High depth
measurement precision.
Connect BLACK EANx to the PC.
Easy. With USB.
To make it easier to access data stored in the BLACK EANx memory, it has been equipped with a quick USB port to connect the device to any PC computer.
You don’t have to pay extra for a special interface, because you will get the appropriate adapter together with your device.
the logbook
in the UDDF format
Download the logbook data in the UDDF format and open with any logbook program supporting this format.
Charge the battery
USB port
Charge the BLACK EANx using any standard USB charger or directly from the PC USB port.
Copy files
with one move
of the mouse
After connecting to the PC, the BLACK EANx will install as a pendrive and you will be able to copy files between both devices with just a few clicks.